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  1. david kendall

    well this tent is ok but after a first night of wind,one then two of the centre brace poles split(this was a brand new tent) then later in the week the inner pod zip ripped from the fabric, vango were great and gave me free poles and some thicker decent steel pegs which didnt bend on hitting in the ground,why they dont give you these as standard with a tent i dont understand, apart from that the tent in roomy and the price is good and i would give it 5/10 as i have only used it once so dont know how many more trips it can handle .


    • George

      Yeah, David we get nothing but good feedback about the customer service of Vango – must be something in the Scottish water. I agree with about the poles, sounds a bit of a no brainer to me!


  2. Steve Rex

    I have been using the Icarus 500 for 3 years now and can not report a single thing wrong with it.

    We use it for our 3 day camping trips and on average go away about 4-5 times per year. It’s sleeps our family of 4 comfortably and it’s a no frills, good family tent if you’re introducing yourself to the great outdoors.

    I can erect the tens on my own as it only has 3 poles and generally it’s ready for occupation within 15 minutes (that’s pegged down and guide ropes in place).

    The internal lay out is fine with inner compartments which can be zipped up during the day to keep out the insects and a handy little hanging storage part for the essential smaller items.

    If you are looking for a first time tent to introduce the family to the delights of camping, then I would recommend this without hesitation.


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