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  1. lesley

    really helpful video


  2. lesley

    very useful video


  3. c webb

    hi we are confused about where to put the extra sun- canopy that can be purchased as an additionl extra. we have the diablo 6oo xp , so it has 2 doors; the one from outside directly into the dome itself, and then theres the door that you enter through the little tunnel Kitchen extension. we wish to buy a sun canopy and had assumed this would fit over the door that opens directly from outside into the dome . But it seems we may be wrong ! people are telling us it goes over the OTHER door, but how can this be?? whats the point having a tunnel inside a canopy?! can any body help us pls?! cheers


  4. John

    Just browsing in the local Blacks and got a 600xp for £150.00, what a steal.


  5. Hayley

    We bought the Vango Diablo 600 tent 3 yrs ago and it’s first outing was a week in a VERY wet & windy Pembrokeshire. The weather was so bad people were packing up and leaving as we arrived!

    We put the tent up in a gale, the rain poured the wind blew and it was 3 days before we realised we were actually facing mountains.

    All through this the tent remained dry while everyone else’s had sprung leaks. We were relatively warm and the porch was a godsend because wet muddy wellies and damp clothes could be taken off in there, keeping the living area clean and dry. All in all can’t praise this tent enough, it’s brilliant!!!!


  6. james

    i have a diablo 600 an absolutely fantastic family tent.durable,extremely well made and design thought.my tent is about 3 and a half years old now,and looking at the latest tents i feel none of the tents on sale now compare to the diablo. that said,would consider selling my diablo as we are looking to down size.


  7. Helen

    Vango have reintroduced at least the Diablo 400 and 600 this year with some new features.


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