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About Us

Tents Camping is a site dedicated in bringing you the best deals we can find on tents and camping equipment. Unlike many other sites which hide the fact that they receive commission from your purchases, we are upfront about this fact, we receive commission on your purchases.

Why are we upfront about this?  Well we believe that our site provides you with all the resources you need to not only make an informed purchase but the right purchase at the best price.  To this end we have searched the net looking for the cheapest deals, sought out discount and voucher codes – some of which are only available to Tents Camping visitors – and provided  detailed information and reviews about the products.

We are proud of the service we provide, we don’t favour any retailer or manufacturer, we don’t use sales BS and (unlike some voucher code sites) we don’t use underhand tactics to make you click on links.  We want you to buy camping equipment which is right for you at the best price.  We believe we are providing a valuable service so we are happy to receive commission through purchases.  If you think we have provided you with a valuable service please use our links.

Please remember that the survival of this site is dependent on meeting the demands of its visitors and we think that so far we are doing are great job. If you have any views, comments or suggestions about how to further develop the site then we would like to hear from you.

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